Eve’solutons is a people services company for English speaking people living or passing by the Pyrénées Orientales (South of France) .

The company is founded in April 2008 by Evelyne Mestres in her home town of Port-vendres on the rocky coast near the méditérannée sea.

Eve provide some experienced services, even if you speak a little bit of French. It is about knowing the way to do things in France. She will make things more smoothly for you and deal with those stressing problem you come accros. And most of all, she will find you a Solution.

She is just a phone call away and can solve most problem or point out someone who can help. Don’t look out for prices because her first visit is free. She will evaluate your problem and tell you how long it will take to solve it. The price will depend on the time she needs to help you. Nothing will be done before you agree on the price. She will keep you inform on the progression as it goes.